Advanced Demurrage

The objective of this course is to help participants understand complex laytime and demurrage issues, conduct an in-depth analysis of charter parties and protective clauses, understand ways to limit liability and maximize collection, identify frequently disputed issues and how to eliminate the cause, as well as key arbitration awards and landmark rulings for successful resolution.

Advanced demurrage

Course Description

Via the inclusion of different charter parties and marine provisions, this advanced course elaborates on the introductory course. Amongst other topics Participants will become well versed in the difference between port charters and berth charters, what constitutes a safe port and berth, what constitutes a valid notice of readiness, relationships between common clauses and opposing interpretations depending upon the governing law, alleged impartial pumping clauses, multi cargo considerations and the proper proration of simultaneous pumping, and detention. Participants will be exposed to practices and verbiage which will directly and indirectly improve their company’s bottom line. And all participants will receive a comprehensive course book replete with examples of clauses and on point US and UK legal precedent.

What you'll get out of this course

Move forward in your career and gain a competitive edge with advanced demurrage training.

Competitive Edge

Gain a clear understanding of one of the most complex areas of shipping law and you'll finally be able to make informed decisions about your cargo with confidence, making you a valuable asset to your team and organization.

Keep More Money

When you are armed with this knowledge, you will be able to protect your business from financial losses and avoid costly legal disputes by understanding the law.

Reduce Job Stress

Understanding complexities like legal principles, knowing when a NOR is valid or the nuances of cargo contamination will help you feel more in control and confident about handling or avoiding demurrage claims altogether.

Meet your instructor

Brendan Hoffman

Demurrage accounts for millions of dollars claimed and refuted per year.  All our courses are compiled from over 20+yrs experience in negotiating contracts and we have successfully saved and collected millions of dollars for our clients in demurrage. 

My expertise results from a unique range of experiences including: operating as in-house demurrage consultant to both BP Shipping in Chicago and STUSCO in Houston, operating as account manager for numerous cornerstone clients, and continuously developing and presenting management-level training worldwide. In 2012, I was hired by Shell to help manage their Demurrage Americas department and have further increased my global awareness by working across their STUSCO, SASCO, Shell West and STR offices.

I look forward to sharing my extensive knowledge with you on this topic so you can do your job with less stress and
become an asset to your team and organization.

Key Learning Objectives

It is the intention of this course to cover the following key topics:

Analytical comparison of popular tanker charter parties

Establish an understanding of port versus berth charters

Qualifying when NOR is valid / invalid

Explore conditions considered to be “beyond Charterer’s control”

Distinguish what constitutes Charterer’s breach of the safe port warranty

Quantify the remedy for Vessel’s breach of Expected Readiness and ETAs

Pump warranty remedies and calculation of credits for multiple cargoes

Application of prorata and suspended laytime provisions

Understanding of legal principles

How demurrage relates to sales contracts

Nuances of cargo contamination and shortage claims

Distinguish detention from demurrage

Importance of documentary evidence

what's included?

Full Course Curriculum

20+ Years of Experience



“This is a very complex area within the maritime industry. More people need to understand it and continue learning about it. The instructors are very professional and knowledgeable, very well organized."
— Training Delegate
“I thought I did not really need the Advanced Demurrage course, but all in all I came out with a lot more info. I believe that in many offices demurrage is an underestimated aspect of the shipping business.”
— Training Delegate
“Great demurrage course – very educational and stimulating.”
— Training Delegate

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