Introduction to Demurrage

The objective of this course is to familiarize delegates with an overview of laytime calculations, demurrage analysis, and charter parties. Participants will learn key demurrage concepts.

Course Description

Suitable for all persons whose job descriptions touch demurrage, from demurrage analysts, charterers, traders, contracts personnel, schedulers, surveyors, and terminal personnel, Introduction to Demurrage teaches the fundamentals of laytime demurrage with the lessons learned from each section reinforced via calculations and/or examples. Participants will be exposed to practices and verbiage which will directly and indirectly improve their company’s bottom line. And all participants will receive a comprehensive course book replete with examples of clauses and on point US and UK legal precedent.

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What you'll get out of this course

Move forward in your career and gain a competitive edge with a solid foundation and understanding of demurrage.

Mitigate Risk

Reducing potential disputes due to increased knowledge of the requirements of the contract, and to develop an understanding of time bar issues and arbitration procedures as alternatives for dispute resolution.

Cost Savings

Understanding the complexities of martime charter contracts and obligations can help reduce delays and therefore lead to cost savings for your organization. Improved understanding of time bar issues and arbitration procedures helps in quickly resolving disputes and reduced legal costs.

Efficiency Gains

Gain knowledge to identify and quickly resolve potential problems with charter contracts. Increased awareness can help reduce delays, increase efficiency, and ensure timely submission of documents and payments.

Key Learning Objectives

It is the intention of this course to cover the following key topics:

Review of the various types of charters

Establish an understanding of Owner versus Charterer obligations 

Formulate laytime calculations and qualify exceptions to time counting

Application of nighttime restrictions and weather delay provisions

Understand transshipment laytime pitfalls

How time bar relates to charter parties and commercial contracts

Demurrage documentation requirements and time bar issues

Examination of various types of time logs

Analysis of barge demurrage and provisions

Arbitration procedures and dispute resolution alternatives

Full Course Curriculum

Meet your instructor

Brendan Hoffman

Demurrage accounts for millions of dollars claimed and refuted per year.  All our courses are compiled from over 20+yrs experience in negotiating contracts and we have successfully saved and collected millions of dollars for our clients in demurrage. 

My expertise results from a unique range of experiences including: operating as in-house demurrage consultant to both BP Shipping in Chicago and STUSCO in Houston, operating as account manager for numerous cornerstone clients, and continuously developing and presenting management-level training worldwide.

In 2012, I was hired by Shell to help manage their Demurrage Americas department and have further increased my global awareness by working across their STUSCO, SASCO, Shell West and STR offices.

I look forward to sharing my extensive knowledge with you on this topic
so you can do your job with less stress and become an asset to your team and organization.
“This introductory demurrage course contains a lot of useful and practical information which is a very important tool for demurrage management. It will help me a lot in dealing with vessel owners and to improve our operations performance.”
— Training Delegate
“Overall, an outstanding demurrage course for a beginner. I will recommend this course to others and look forward to attending the Advanced Demurrage Course at another time.”
— Training Delegate
“Very pleased with presentation and interaction prompted by the instructors. Not only learned a lot from the instructors but also from fellow participants.”
— Training Delegate

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